You can only guess my joy today when my doctor told me that after four weeks (this coming Monday) my ankle has not healed one bit. Not at all. The bone, thanks to this nasty European made torture chamber, is in the right position, but no healing. Still broken as much as it was on day one. At least three more weeks of this Borg boot. I think I almost screamed with joy in her ear over the phone. I hate to say it, but it sucks getting older…except for the alternative.

So, with joy on my mind I found this shot taken by Donald G. Schnabel. Good old Donald, always ready to mark his photos with data about what his process was. I don't know if I've ever mentioned that many of the slides are marked with data about what camera he was using. In this case he provides us with the settings he used and his address.

As to who the child is…no idea. Someone thought it might be "Bob?" It might have been helpful if Donald had provided the child's name.

Then again, maybe it's baby Donald? He was born in 1898. What do you think?

More shots of this child to come.


  1. Joy is so hard to bear sometimes, all we can do is cry. Maybe one day Patience will be an over-the counter medication instead of a doctor's prescription.

    Cry Baby Bob looks 1910-20'ish based on the wickerwork and shirt style. Donald's habit of noting the camera settings on photos was one my dad also had. Fortunately he sometimes included names and dates. I've just inherited over 55 boxes of his 35mm slides which I brought back from Virginia this weekend. Some with labels, some not. Basically my entire life now stacked onto shelves in my son's old bedroom.

    1. That is exciting to have all those slides to go through! Get yourself a little handheld viewer and let the magic begin.

      I actually think Patience pills are already on the market and I've been taking them for weeks.

  2. That is awful news. :( I hope your ankle heals - I can't imagine why it's taking so long.

    1. Senior special. Slow healing due to age.