The MYSTERY WOMAN at Morgan Park, Chicago in 1897

There's something familiar about this woman, but I can't put my finger on it. I keep thinking she's a time-traveling-celebrity, but which one?

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At some point this woman visited Morgan Park in Chicago. Morgan Park has quite a history. That's all I know about this vintage snapshot.

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  1. Oh! Lori Beth Cunningham (Lynda Goodfriend) from Happy Days!!! Chicago isn't that far from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    1. Oh, I don't even remember her. I guess I'd stopped watching the show by the time she was on it.

    2. I agree with I.G. Though I didn't watch the show either, I looked her up on Google and she's a pretty good match. However since there was no magic photo booth in 1897 Chicago, this may be one of those vampire sightings.

    3. Vampires in the Park. Oh geez, don't mention to anyone or we'll end up with a series of books about it.