Here we have the parking lot at the Awali Golf Club in 1957 Bahrain. It's one big sandpit. Seriously, there is no grass. From what I could find online it seems to be a hangout for Westerners who are living and working in Bahrain.

Some interesting cars in the lot. Anyone know what they are?

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. I think the black and yellow car might be a circa 1953-4 Hudson Hornet sedan.

    I am imagining a golf course that is entirely a sand trap!

  2. I think the green and white car to the right is a 1954 Ford Custom Line.

  3. I can't imagine how they could keep the greens alive. At least the rough had no trees or tall grass, just scorpions.

    3rd car from left is maybe a Mercedes sedan, then a 55ish Ford, then some British cars. The black and tan is possibly a Hudson and black and white a Chrysler. Can't be sure without seeing the hood ornaments.

  4. Aside from the yellow Hudson, and a ford thunderbird, the rest look british. One looks to be a morris minor, another, an austin cambridge.

  5. I think the yellow and black car is a Hudson. The two toned white and black in the left rear looks like a Ford. Not sure of any of the others.

  6. Thank you all of you for coming up with car names. I'm afraid I've been mentally away dealing with the death of my dog. It's nice to know so many people took the time to try and tag these cars.

  7. Anonymous4/12/2017

    You may be interested to know Awali Golf Club is still very much alive. It celebrated its 80th anniversary on 4th Jan 2017. See more at www.awaligolfclub.com

    1. Thank you. I'm glad to hear it's still around.