FLOUR everywhere!

Back from a brief trip myself, I now dive back into Donald Schnabel's trip to Bahrain in 1957.

The caption for this is "Gov wharf Bahrain 57." As to what these fellows are hauling off this barge on their backs…I'm guessing flour. Has to be flour. Okay, I'll admit these days my mind goes all over the place and flour is only one of the white substances I think of…which brings me to a brief story.

In the late 60s I worked in the office of a scale company in San Francisco down the street from the police department. On a pretty regular basis we used to get fellow 60s travelers who'd walk in and say, "I want to buy a scale to weigh ceramic powder." (nudge nudge wink wink) Happily the company would sell them a small scale suitable for their needs. What we didn't know at the time was that the police department was watching the comings and goings of these folks buying their scales for weighing "ceramic powder." We heard there was a whole collection of these scales in the evidence department.

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  1. If I had to guess, this white stuff is lime or cement.

    1. I thought of cement too, but thought it too white. Lime seems very possible.

  2. Corn starch? Baking powder? Tapioca? Angel food cake mix? Hmmm, what tastes better after being trod on by 2 dozen bare feet?