HAIRDO or don't

Sometimes a hairdo is simply a hair don't, and sometimes it's a hair donut.

Now I'm sure these ladies were best friends, but why didn't one of them look at the other and say, "Your hair looks ridiculous!" to which the other might have responded, "That's just what I was thinking about you!"

Then again, maybe they had just come back from the local beauty salon where a man who had "chosen the beautification of womankind as a career" had done this to them. They had confidence in his judgement because "who is more appreciative of beautiful women than a man." Seriously. I kid you not. Watch the video.


  1. Barbers and surgeons were one? I wouldn't like them to mix up. Although, some googling reveals: "Barbers and surgeons were one and the same profession, who exclusively practiced as a craft, the dressing of wounds, shaving of beards, and making and selling whiskey (aqua vitae)". The latter part doesn't sound too bad.

  2. It is odd to think of how rudimentary the skills were of these people so that they could hang out two shingles at once. And what sort of education requirements were there for saying you were a surgeon? Boggles the mind.

  3. Felix0912/03/2012

    I think the same thing of those who call themselves "consultants." What breathing human couldn't in some way or another be considered a consultant?