NAMELESS FACES in a group shot

For this weeks Sepia Saturday I'm showing a post I did several years ago that will probably be new to all of you.

You know those lovely pyramid style group photos where everyone just looks like a peanut head? Imagine being a parent and paying for this. Granted the original is 8 x 10, but still, if the kids didn't get individual school photos and only got this group shot it's just sad. But all is not lost thanks to modern cheap technology. 

I like the way the kids are all playing at being adults. Each girl wears a corsage and each boy a tie. These kids were mercifully clueless about what was going to happen. Wonder what their lives were like? What they became? Anyone want to guess which grade? I'm thinking perhaps graduation from 7th.

The sitters.

Insurance salesmen, hairdressers, soldiers, doctors, members of  the Elks, husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, politicians, car salesmen, scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers, nurses? What was the future for the 7th grade graduating class of 1961? Looking at these little munchkins it would be hard to imagine them taking on the world and today being in their 60s.

I'll admit, to me, the first shot below reminds me of Tom Delay's mugging mug shot. Let's hope this young fellow took a wiser path. And the last two fellows? Well they just about sum it up, don't they?


  1. That fourth boy down looks like he's been caught in the middle of a bank robbery!

    This was great! So many fun, speculative posts this week.

  2. Goodness -- these people could be my friends. Maybe they're all bloggers!

  3. My what a fine group they are too! It would be so much fun to really know who is doing what!...and if they dress with the same great style!

  4. Just the little peak of the petticoat in that one shot really sent me reeling back to the 1960s.
    What a fun post. To examine each kid close up and personal.
    But what is Hayley Mills (18th from the bottom) doing in this group?

  5. Gosh, you've really worked on this to give us the individual photos which have made the boys and girls come alive.
    I've seen lots of big group photos like this including some I'm in. Apart from the odd exception I've no idea what happened to them.

  6. This is great! I love how you took the time to enlarge them for us. I bet the girl in the third picture ended up getting contacts.

    Thank you,

    Kathy M.

  7. It is interesting to see the group members as individuals.

  8. Great idea to crop the photo to see each individual child. Makes the picture more interesting than a distant group shot.