MRS. COLEMAN up close and personal

On March 29th I did a post about a photo of an apartment building in Los Angeles in 1915. You can see that original post here. Well, another trip to the antique store provided me with the following photo of Mrs. Coleman, up close and personal.

It's nice to see her as more than a tiny figure on the front steps of the lovely old building.


  1. It's always exciting to find related photographs. It's happened to me a couple times too.

  2. Now this is a real treasure find! Surely taken on the same day. I'd bet Mr. and Mrs. Coleman were newlyweds, moved in that very day and sent the card to back to mom and dad!

  3. I was very happy when I found it. She was so small in the first shot leaving me with so many questions.

  4. Coleman, Anna M. Stenographer
    Coleman, Ella M., widow of W.H.

  5. In the 1914 city directory, Anne is a stenographer living with Ella, widow, at 1920 1/2 West 22nd. Maybe this was a really big deal for them to have their own flat! :)

    1. Thanks Natalie! Very cool to ad another dimension to the Coleman home. So this is either Ella or Anne. Yes, it must have been very exciting to move into such a nice place.

  6. Natalie11/25/2012

    Looks like it may be William A. Coleman.

    Either way, I haven't had much luck tracking them down earlier. I wonder if they were immigrants. It's a pretty common last name and not much luck even with the 1910 census. Nothing definitively them. They're not in the 1913 LA directory.