DOLLS, they're a category: Part 8

This is the final submission to this past Saturday's Sepia Saturday with the theme of dolls.

This image is from an old tattered album I purchased several years ago. The album features the life of the woman, shown here as a young girl second from the left, who began life somewhere in French Canada and ended in Northern California.

Click on image to see it larger.

The doll her sister is holding looks like it's possibly a Jumeau, but I can't be sure. Perhaps someone will be able to identify it.

To see paper dolls from 1920 by M. Emma Musselman visit my other site Tattered and Lost Ephemera. You'll see lovely little girls holding their own dolls. So a paper doll holding a doll. Sort of brings the past week of posts to a nice close.


  1. From eastern Canada [Quebec?] to California!! Quite the journey, wouldn't you say?!

    I also like your 7th post!!

  2. Oh yes, I agree. I even have a shot of her in a cowboy hat. Sadly, I stupidly did not get her name, or family name, when I was at the estate sale. I will always regret this.

  3. I wish I knew more about these wonderful dolls so I can ID. I would guess Jumeau, too. This little girl's face has that wonderful adult aspect, she looks like she's about to make a wise-crack