Be ready to say "AWWWWWWW"

When confronted with a baby that is not blessed in the looks department it can be a bit jarring. You know what the parent wants to hear, but you almost have to force out the praise. And let's be honest, all you judge about a baby for the first few months is its looks. You have no idea if you're looking at a future Nobel Prize winner; it's looks alone. Seinfeld even dealt with this in a very funny episode; as usual Kramer had a much more difficult time hiding his dismay.

I find I don't have this problem with baby animals. They almost always induce "ohhhhs" and "awwwwwss" from me. They're just so cute and their brains are already developed beyond most babies. You're interacting with them in a way that will be months away with a baby. I give you my evidence.

Click on image to see it larger.

Now mind you, if someone sends me links of cute baby animals I trash it before even looking at it. Those images get passed around the net like a bad case of measles in a first grade class. The person will generally even be banned from my email. I like baby animals, but not pages and pages of them.

I can say that I currently have a truly stunning little baby living next door. She makes me smile within and out every time I see her. She gurgles and coos and answers my insane questions with a smile and some sort of baby gibberish that always seems to be the right answer.


  1. Not just the face, but that little round belly. It really is an awww moment.

  2. Yes, the puppy belly is a wonder to behold.

  3. yes, I have to agree about the pages of cute animals that circulate the web. However, these little ones really are sweet.