DOLLS, they're a category: Part 3

I bought a group of photos at an estate sale, all proofs, of a brother and sister. I do know the name of this young girl, but choose not to post it.

This was most likely taken in the late 1950s to early 60s.

Anyone know which Madame Alexander doll she is holding?

Drop by Tattered and Lost Ephemera to see an antique advertising paper doll from The Boston Herald in 1911, Polly's Paper Playmates.


  1. At the time, I really wanted one of those dolls. Sigh.

  2. Lovely little girl - she obviously deserved that pretty dolly:)

  3. The faces of Madame Alexander dolls look so similar. I'd have to see the dress to make a guess. They are beautiful dolls.

  4. So much to see, great photos here and paper dolls on your other site, great job! I'm digging into reference books to ID that paper doll book.The dolls certainly look familiar.