DOLLS, they're a category: Part 6

At first glance you might not think I've stayed with the Sepia Saturday theme with these vintage snapshots. You'd be wrong.

Take a close look and you'll see two little girls in the middle of each shot holding up paper doll folders. I can clearly see in this first shot that the girl on the left is holding up Patty and Sue made by Saalfield in 1944. I don't know what the other girl is holding. I'll be counting on eagle eyed paper doll collectors to fill in any blanks.

Any idea what paper doll the girl on the right is holding?

The occasion for these shots was the first birthday for the sweet little babe in the front being held up by her mom.

Of course as a paper doll collector I have to wonder who the illustrator was of each set. I'd like to say I know, but I don't. I will take a guess that the one on the left might have been by Jean Morse.

To see part of a beautiful set by Jean Morse visit my other site, Tattered and Lost Ephemera.


  1. An interesting set and a good eye to spot such ephemera. What I find striking is the glamorous beauty of the small child's mother, whose smile gleams like a Hollywood starlet and is such a contrast with the other women.

  2. Mike is right! And look at the dog getting in on the act.

  3. I agree. She does look like a starlet. In her scrapbook she has a clipping of a woman who went to the same high school in Long Beach who did become a "B" movie star.