For those who follow this site you'll know my fascination of a fellow I've named Ernie. Christmas Eve 2010 was when I first found photos of Ernie. Over the months this year I found more. I went back to the antique store the other day, Christmas Eve, and found another. Today I went back and found a few more. The seller has obviously torn apart an old photo album because many of the shots I found of Ernie and his family have glue on the back and photo corners. That makes me sad. I wish the album had been left intact. I could have had Ernie's life unfold before me instead of fits and starts. Oh well. At least I found a few more shots. I wonder who else has collected shots of him?

Ernie's daughter and son possibly taken by Ernie.

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  1. Why did I think no one would ever marry Ernie? Children! Oh my. For whatever reason, Ernie did not strike me as the fatherly type.

  2. Oh yes, virtually all the photos of him show him with one of his kids. Strangely, however, the only shot I have of him smiling is when he got the gift of the parchesi game.