Watching the FERRY

Really, I think the title just about sums up what's going on here. Even enlarged I cannot tell what state the license plates are for, but the one does appear to have "35" on it. So I'm guess we're talking around 1935 for this shot.

I haven't been on a ferry in a long time. I don't know of any in California anymore. We have bridges. Lots of bridges. It's always a challenge to figure out which roads to take to go around the San Francisco Bay so as to not have to pay a toll. It can be done.

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. Fascinating image and the cars!

  2. We have a single deck car ferry down here in Newport Beach but it's quite small. Back in the day this size could have been used in LA San Pedro harbor, where the bridge is today. I think it's called the Vincent Thomas Bridge but I'm not 100% on that because I don't get up there too often. There was a thriving military presence at Fort MacArthur which is at the top of the hill above the bridge which would account for increased traffic in the area.