In your EASTER BONNET with the gals

It's a day to go parading in your Easter bonnet.

Do they still make Easter bonnets at school out of paper plates? I remember bringing mine home and being very proud of it. It's long since gone.

I also remember my mother buying me Easter bonnets which had very tight headbands that clamped on the side of my head. It was always a relief to take them off. It was probably while wearing those hats that I decided I would not be a fashion victim. If it wasn't comfortable, I wouldn't wear it. I do not want garments inflicting pain. I'm sure my choices have been devastating to the fashion industry, especially shoe designers.

Here are three ladies out and about on a sunny Easter day, 1936.


  1. I have pictures of my aunt-in-law (now deceased) taken in the late Thirties, and she looks exactly like the lady on the left. She MADE all her own clothes, and hats - in 4-H. Neat photograph!

  2. Perhaps I should have joined 4-H instead of girl scouts. All I learned to do was sell cookies. Never learned the patients for sewing or knitting.

    Do you think it might actually be your aunt? I bought it at an antique store.

  3. Yes they do still make Easter bonnets in school in UK. It's a great tradition. They make them out of just about anything they can lay their hands on! The ladies look really pleased with their Easter outfits.