UMBRELLAS on the steps, Part 2

78 people in this photo, 77 hats. Only one person isn't wearing a hat. Imagine that. Everyone showed up wearing a hat.

Other than baseball hats, what sort of hat do you see on a regular basis at any gathering? The baseball hat is a functional hat, but mostly rather ugly. Too often they're walking bumper stickers for products, sexual references, bad humor, politics...and so on and so forth. We express ourselves with our baseball hats; most assuredly the promotion of a specific sports team.

Imagine these folks. They wore hats just because. They did not feel the need to advertise a product or a point of view other than to maybe hear, "Nice hat!"

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  1. they wore hats because they didn't wash their hair constantly the way we do today.

  2. It's a lost art. Out here in the Canary Islands the older generation (born twenties and thirties) wouldn't be seen without their hats, but it's not for the sake of fashion it's to keep the sun off!

  3. Ah yes, the practical side of hats. Somehow that is lost on most people. And umbrellas in the sun is looked upon as odd here, but then I'm used to odd looks. If it's super hot out and I have to be out, then I'm going to use an umbrella to take to transport shade wherever I go. Let's hear for hats and bumbershoots!