IS SHE OR ISN'T SHE a little on the Royal side?

This real photo post card has languished in a box of old family photos, specifically the Scottish side of my family. I have two of them and have always wondered who these people are. It's a very nice, good quality card, but I have no idea how it relates to my family other than it was shot in Motherwell, Scotland.

Click on image to see it larger.

Looking at it last night I started to notice that the woman in the dark hat and clothing sort of looks like the Queen Mother, but then thought, "Nah, why would she have a portrait taken in Motherwell?" But I'm not convinced it isn't her with a group of crusters, far more upper crust than anyone in any of my family. This photo has always stood out from everything else.

So I'm wondering if this was perhaps a souvenir card of some sort featuring these upper crusties. Maybe the photographer didn't actually take it and simply did the printing. Perhaps someone somewhere will recognize someone and then let me know.

The photo was taken by T. Johnstone, 71 Brandon Street, Motherwell, Scotland. The only information I've found so far is from a genealogy site:
The firm of Thomas Johnstone was in Motherwell for over 50 years, very popular for weddings etc. There would have been thousands of photographs taken over the years and I very much doubt if any records were kept. It was quite common for people to pop in and have their picture taken on the spur of the moment. I can remember this studio, it was half-way down Brandon Street, on the left-hand side near the City Bakeries shop.

Whoever, whatever, these people are they look like characters out of
Upstairs, Downstairs. Surely they had their own Masterpiece Theater


  1. All I can say is: Look at that hat!

  2. Yeah, that is some magnificent chapeau!

  3. Anonymous4/02/2011

    I can see a resemblance to the QM, but the thing I find interesting is that the photo was taken in someone's home, rather than a studio. And the hats are fab! :-) Jo

  4. Yes that has always fascinated me too. The painting on the wall in the painted frame and the mirror.