The lady with the BROWNIE CAMERA

Here's the final piece of the group "puzzle." I love this shot. The suit, the camera, the clutch purse, and the jaunty hat. Plus there's the stance and the attitude. And then there's his suit. He probably cut the rug each weekend. Bodie-oh-do!

Now you can put all the pieces together and see the whole. If I have net connection tomorrow I'll post the whole. 

box brownie and purse_tatteredandlost


  1. Gosh, this is a cool pic. I love their faces and the fact the she is obviously proud of her camera.

  2. It is a nice skirt. And I think it interesting that two women were wearing the same suit. Wonder how that went over.

    I love the whole attitude this woman has holding that camera. A definite confidence.

  3. Mother had a Brownie camera. I remember you had to hold it low and look down into it from above to take a picture.

    The "lines" of her outfit seem all wrong to me. Something isn't as it should be for the time frame.

    I thought they were more symetrical at that time.

    I'm looking forward to the "Big" picture.

  4. I have my grandmother's Brownie box camera on my bookshelf. She had to sell newspaper subscriptions to get it. I still remember her giving it to me.