NOT A SMILE in the bunch

Another shot of people in hats. Not one person in the entire shot is really beaming a smile. There are various looks of vague pleasure or no pleasure at all. I'm wondering if this shot was the one BEFORE the good shot when everyone smiled. You know the one I'm talking about. You might have even take some yesterday on Thanksgiving. You take a shot and then say "No, I need to take another. George had his eyes shut." So finally you get what you hope is the perfect shot. Then you later look at them enlarged and realize everyone but one member looks perfect. The one person has one eye shut and is midway between a smile and burp. So it goes with group shots.

I shall now continue my Thanksgiving away from home. Hope all are having good times or something close to it.

nice coat_tatteredandlost


  1. She's almost smiling, it must be that fabulous coat.