CHERISH your pets

For the past week, since I got home from my vacation, I've been dealing with my little dog becoming partially paralyzed. Fortunately he's back to near full recovery, but a week ago was very stressful with sleepless nights. Three years ago at Christmas time he became completely paralyzed from the neck down and required major spinal surgery followed by 6 months of non-stop care. So when he started having trouble walking last week and would cry out when touched my mind raced back to the nightmare of the full paralysis. I rushed him to emergency on the 4th and the doctor confirmed there was partial paralysis, but she couldn't say if it was temporary or permanent. He spent a few days on pain meds and now is once again running back and forth inside the house, doin' dog stuff. I'm sleeping much better.

I've always had pets. Can't imagine life without at least one. Right now I have a dog and two cats. One of the cats was a feral that I worked with in my backyard for two years before finally gaining enough of his trust to bring him inside. The sweetest little tiny toy you could imagine. Has major medical problems, but he makes up for it when he trills his little call. Wee Bobbie, the Manx.

Photos of pets bring back memories and ultimately some sadness because they're always gone too soon. When I saw this vintage photo at the antique store in Weaverville I smiled, thinking about the joy the little babe probably brought to those who owned it. I hope it grew up to be a happy dog doin' dog stuff all its life.

careful puppy_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

I have a photo of a dog that was in one of my dad's squadrons. His name was Boots and he used to fly with the crew and even had his own military ID. My dad always smiles when he sees that photo of Boots and recalls stories of how they sneaked him aboard the flights.

Right now I have a flock of wild turkeys outside my window. Did a head count and came up with 50. They're yelling at each other with some chasing others around and around at the base of trees. Stupid as can be, but I consider them my pets too. They don't seem to feel the same. I think it's time for me to go out and break up a couple of these fights. "Okay, you bunch of turkeys...knock it off!"


  1. I was just commenting on seeing wild turkeys the other day on Gardening With Turtles, blogging can be such a small world.

  2. Yup, it's a small world and getting smaller and smaller because everywhere I go I keep seeing wild turkeys. I especially love them when they fly. Now that's a sight to see. Huge ungainly birds flying over your head.

  3. So sorry to hear about your little guy. Glad he's feeling chipper again!

  4. I have such difficulty with some memories. I did learn that when the time comes, hold them tight as they slip away. No matter how painful it is for you...you were all they had.

  5. My little guy is as feisty as ever so this time I'm lucky.

    But heaven knows I know the pain of losing them. The worst still is my favorite boy I had to put down nearly three years ago. A cat that looked like a Maine Coon who was around 18 years old. He'd been a stray I took in and loved for 17 years. Second worse day of my life was when I had to put him down. I'll never get over it.