Take me out to the ball game AGAIN!

What a stunning ballpark it was. I didn't care who won. I was entranced with the colors, the sounds, and the view of the bay on such a beautiful day. Everything was perfect and I'd do it all again in a moment. Still don't care about baseball, but sitting in that park could be addictive.

Here's to those who found the same joy so long ago. A chance to step back in time thanks to vernacular photograhy.


  1. So, what did you eat? Did it involve Altoids?

  2. I left it to my friend to surprise me. It was garlic fries. I should actually state it as Gilroy GARLIC!!! Fries. Gilroy is where virtually all garlic is grown. They put it in everything. I'm not kidding. Google Gilroy, California. These things were smothered in it. Fortunately all four of us ate them as did people surrounding us. So since we all stunk the need for Altoids was minimal. However, I imagine the people sitting near us on the ferry on the way home were a bit put-off.