Each day is FATHER'S DAY

I've been truly blessed with having a father who has always been there for me, always told me I could be anything I wanted, even when society told girls they must live with limited prospects. I know a lot of women who did not have supportive fathers. A father who told his daughter that he'd pay to send his son to college, but never his daughter. Another father who told his daughter she could be a nurse, but not a doctor. 

A loving and strong father is the most any child can ask for. Protect them from harm. Guide them towards good. 

fathers day_tatteredandlost
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Back of photo:  Bert Sylvia, Lester Landford & Baby Audrey Sylvia


  1. You are so right. And so lucky to have such a dad.

  2. I had the other kind of dad, wouldn't pay for braces because, according to him, I wasn't pretty enough for it to matter, made me take art ed classes instead of painting because I'd need a career to support myself because nobody would ever love me enough to marry me. Ah well, I later changed my major and got that BFA and moved to NYC to become one of the original bad girls of Soho.

  3. Unfortunately what you experienced is far too common. You need a license to drive a car, but not to raise a child. Some people simply would never pass the test. At least you didn't let it keep you in the pigeon hole he'd designed. Congrats on that!