Up a LAZY RIVER in the noonday sun

The clock is about to strike 12 and I feel as if I've been nailed to this chair for at least a week. Mental escape is all I get as long as the jobs keep piling in. I'm not complaining. It's good to have work and it could all dry up just as soon as these jobs are over. But I'm missing summer. I'm missing sitting in the shade and doing nothing but sitting with my eyes closed and listening to summer.

Just as there are certain films I always want to see in the summer, certain books to read, there are also certain songs. Hoagy Carmichael's Up a Lazy River starts up and I can't stop it. It repeats and repeats. Though I love Charmichael's version for me the best is the one done by the Mills Brothers.

So I look at this vernacular photograph, date and place unknown, and I image sitting along this little river in an Adirondacks chair, cool breeze blowing across the water every so often, something nice to drink, and then waving to these fellows as they pass by. I can hear their boat in the water, the ripples slowly coming ashore, and the faint sound of their chattering as they fade off into the distance. 

up a lazy river_tatteredandlost
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And then the song starts in my head.


  1. This photo reminds me of old Wildcat Creek, near my birthplace in Indiana.

  2. Could be because I've got no reference point. Nothing is written on the back. It was bought out of drawer at an antique store. There were no other photos to reference it with.

  3. Felix0912/11/2012

    This photo appears to be of a shuttle boat being poled through a manmade canal that probably was not in the U.S.A.