Sort of an RPPC OF A MILLION BUCKS at Binion's

I found this photo in a stack of photos, actually a big box of photos, of this smiling couple. I know little about the couple, but what I do know is they didn't win this money and life didn't work out as you would hope. But that's not why I'm posting this. 

It's a photo. It's a postcard. It's a photo. It's a...well, you get the idea. Somebody at the Binion's Horseshoe Club in Las Vegas came up with a way to create a modern version of an RPPC to advertise their establishment by having people stand in front of the display of $1,000,000 made up entirely of $10,000 bills. Apparently the photo was free. Who knows how many of this particular shot exist. Could be dozens, or this could be the only one. I image there are a lot of shots out there floating around of different people standing in front of the million dollars. It would be fun to collect the shots. Most people leave Vegas with less money than when they arrived, but these folks had proof they stood next to a million bucks. 

Binion Horseshoe Club_tatteredandlost
Look at the back and you'll see that's it's just a regular Kodak print with the Binion blurb and postage/address area printed over the Kodak watermark.

Binion Horseshoe Club_back_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

I found another shot here at Flickr of a couple standing in front of the million. And you can go to this site to read a bit about what happened to this money and Binion's. And here you can see the previous owner, Benny Binion, standing in front of the money with his daughter. Binion was a rather unscrupulous character with a dark history. 

This money has long since been sold off and now each $10,000 bill sells for around $160,000. The current owner has a different display that's just a stack of money totalling 1 million and doesn't include any of the rare $10,000 bills that made up the previous display. They do allow photos to be taken, but I'm reading different things on whether they will take a photo of you next to it. 
Guests who join Club Binion’s receive $25 in slot play or table game non-negotiable chips for just $20 plus a free photo with the $1 million. (Source: Classic Las Vegas)
If anyone ever finds anymore links to photos such as these old black and whites, which most likely will also be RPPCs drop me a line with the link and I'll add them to the list.


  1. Anonymous6/12/2009

    Is that a picture of 'sitting man' standing up??