LOST SOULS knock once then enter

I'm not a person with ties to organized religion so there is no church that is of special importance to me. I have to admit I like lighthouses better which I consider to be churches for lost souls. That said, I am fascinated by these two lost churches. They remind me a bit of lighthouses standing and waiting to be called upon when needed.

These are both real photo postcards, unused. As you can see the one on the bottom is in pretty tattered condition with some of the emulsion removed in the shape of a bird. 

RPPC churches_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

I have no idea where these churches might have been or maybe still are. My favorite is the first with the monument on the left and a gazebo on the right. One side remembering the dead, the other side for gatherings of the living. I wish the trees had had foliage. Both churches just look cold and empty. Were the ministers kind hearted or fire and brimstone? I hope the former. The latter is so tedious.

If anyone ever finds this post and has information on either church please post a comment.


  1. The little bird shaped tear in the second is interesting. Maybe a dove?

    I'm always amazed how buildings were just there, in the middle of dirt back then. No grass planted.

  2. Could be. For me it looks like the little chickadees in the feeder outside my window which then makes me think of W.C. Fields and then my brain goes off in the wrong direction.

    Yes, it looks, especially the first one, like it's just been plopped down on a piece of land. It must have been a muddy mess inside during storm season unless there was a mud room where parishioners were to stop first.

  3. Anonymous6/09/2009

    Hi Tattered! Willow sent me over. I can't help but stare at the top church pic, here. It looks an awful lot like the one down the street from me. I'm not 100% sure, tho'. Will check my archives and compare. If Ifind anythin gfurther, I'll respond here.

  4. That would be so fun if it was the little church down the street. I would love to know the history if you find out they're one and the same!

  5. Anonymous6/14/2009

    Tattered, I took a look and they do not match. But it does look like a lot of the early 18th century New England churches. Please feel free to email me for more pics, for an idea on that :)

  6. Well, thanks for looking. I agree that it has the East Coast look to it. I guess we'll just always have to wonder. If I find anymore I'll let you know.