LICE TWICE is not so nice

And here is another find from the trip to Angel's Camp. Now wouldn't that have been a nice title for this shot? The angels from Angel's Camp. Of course my mind went in other directions when I first saw this vintage photo. 

First reaction was "Oh dear, one of those mothers who dressed their little boy as a girl. Oh dear, oh dear." I stuck with that for awhile until I whacked myself upside the left side of my brain and said, "LICE!" I'm convinced that is what we see here. Two poor youngins who've had their heads shaved because of lice. I mean the collars on both of them are unfortunate enough, but add lice to the mix and it just gets therapeutic. The collars look like an extra barrier to keep the small creepers from creeping below the neckline, a bit like toilet seat covers at the Chevron station (not that I'm all that familiar with my local Chevron stations bathroom). And the extra bonus for me is the whole backdrop. A dark cloth hung up outside behind rocks and ferns. This is no studio shot. This is a traveling photographer who set up wherever it was needed. And just his or her luck they got two kids with lice. The little boy looks like he's just a dyin' to scratch somethin'. 

Though the lice are not catching I do have the urge to scratch. Excuse me while I distract myself from imaginary bugs running through my hair.

Click on image to see it larger.

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  1. Having been a mom who went through it with both my children, I can totally see that one :)