The FULLER TUGS GIRLS or Grin and BEER IT redux

On April 24 I wrote a post about a group of people who seemed to have formed some sort of club with the theme of drinking. Imagine my surprise today when I found photos of the women in an antique store. Same women, same crazy homemade shirts. 

I present to you the Fuller Tugs Girls Cheerleading Squad!

          Give me an F!
          Give me a U!
          Give me an  L L E R!
          FULLER TUGS!
          FULLER TUGS 
          RAH! RAH!...

          Oh wait, I've got something in my eye.

Fuller Tugs Girls_1_tatteredandlost
Fuller Tugs Girls_tatteredandlost
As we bid a fond farewell to the Memorial Day Weekend picnic, two of the effervescent happy Fuller Tugs Girls, each wearing a paper plate with "goal" written on it, wave goodbye and remind us to never drink and drive. Stay safe out there. Buhhhbye.

Fuller Tugs Girls goodbye_tatteredandlost
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  1. These were just too cute. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Anonymous5/27/2009

    wow. old friends. fun times
    Did you find the pictures in the same shop at different times?

    Does the woman on the right have a noticeable bald spot in her hair?

  3. The original shot of the two guys and three girls was found at the flea market. It was always there in the bottom of a box. These three shots of the girls were found this weekend at an antique store. Blew me away when I saw them. Yes! More Fuller Tugs pictures!

    I laughed when I saw the "bald" spot but realized it was just a print defect. There's a spot in the last shot two near the bottom.