The "END" of Summer

The unofficial end to summer. The leaves are already turning and dropping. Fall is coming early. I somehow seemed to have missed summer. I know it's technically still here for a few weeks, but I cannot get over the mindset of old schooldays when Labor Day meant back to school day was imminent. Back in school meant summer was over. 

Is this woman looking towards her past or her future? And are those sunglasses as part of the scarf design? It looks like sunglasses on the side of her head. Maybe she's coming and going.

Click on image to see it larger.

I am ready to move into fall, though there were still books to read that were only meant for summer. But as of last Friday I am finally through with the details left to deal with from the accident I was in last November. Each day now I realize I feel a little bit less stressed. Perhaps that is why I missed summer. Too much on my mind all the time to spend any time enjoying myself.

I'll put "enjoy myself" on my list for fall.


  1. As our summer ends, I remind myself that on the opposite side of the world it's changing to spring. Reducing stress is good. Keep that far away look.