Remember when the world could be viewed upside down without your equilibrium going nuts? The floor became the ceiling and the ceiling became the floor. Outside suddenly clouds were under your feet and you could pretend to tap dance on the sky. These days I'd have to say if someone found me in the position these kids are in they'd need to call 911 to get me off of there. I get a little nauseous even thinking about it.

I missed last week's Sepia Saturday, but wanted to get in on the fun this week. I like to imagine the young girl in the Sepia prompt looking out the window and seeing these little monkeys. I've been on a monkey kick this week with photos of a little sweetie named Squeak (here and here). I think Squeak could easily hang upside down like these kids...by his tail or hers.

Click on image to see it larger.

I know hanging upside down is supposed to have some sort of physical benefit, but I figure swimming each morning in unheated water for an hour is enough torture. Fortunately the water feels less and less cold as the hour passes. I think hanging upside would be a nonstarter. Once the blood has rushed to my head and I start to blackout I'd find the benefit slim to nonexistent.

I do miss those warm summer days when the world was a big adventure. Each morning there was something new to explore. Just lying on the lawn watching clouds pass by and imagining the world spinning beneath me. Then the realization that I'm also spinning. I have to force myself to do those things now; they are no longer second nature. I miss those little adventures. I miss the wonder when spinning out of control was part of a normal day.

I do have one more snapshot of Squeak the monkey which will be up in a day or two if I'm lucky. Getting ready for an end of summer BBQ, medical appointments for my father, a rug cleaner with his tricks of the trade, a fella coming to fix the well...have me probably just as dizzy and confused as if I'd been hanging upside down for an hour or two. I need to remember to go outside and watch the clouds for awhile.


  1. What a fun photograph of children at play. Excellent find!

  2. Last week we heard about a pilot who plans to fly across Australia for charity and if he succeeds he will break the Guinness Record for flying the longest distance upside down!!!

  3. Love the kids hanging upside down! This is the Chinese year of the Monkey, and tonight we just heard that we have a brand new grandson born today, so his two uncles can truthfully say "I'll be a monkey's uncle".

  4. What a wonderful topsy-turvy photo. I suspect that in addition to monkeys on chains the bar also served as a hitching post for horses. So it fits the "horsing around" category too.

    It's funny how the brief months or even weeks of childhood memories remain so strong throughout life. It seems like only yesterday when my jungle gym flips, backyard cartwheels and somersaults were a regular thing. I need to do some cloud watching too.

  5. 100% charming. charming, charming. The upside down kids are wonderful and your childhood memories make me want to run outside and do some cloud watching myself.

  6. How Fun, that's a great photo.

  7. I remember hanging upside down! Lord, that was eons ago. My husband used to have an inverter table (I think it was called) to help his back. I tried it out once, but I guess as an adult I didn't like hanging upside down. Oh well.

  8. Wheee, we did have fun as kids, and it's a good thing we can remember some of it! I liked spinning in circles till I fell down, and then going fast in various vehicles. Gravity gives us all a different feeling when we approach it from different directions!