A PICNIC Would Be Nice

A few weeks of dealing with caregiver things followed by three days in Humboldt County for the Kinetic Sculpture Race has me a bit tired.

I could use a nice quiet picnic by a stream. But this shot has me curious. Who took the photo? Was there a fifth person at the picnic or was there another couple and one of them didn't want to appear in the photo without their partner? It's a thought that often crosses my mind when I find a group snapshot with an even amount of people in the shot. I seriously doubt that it was someone walking down the stream who said, "Hey, want me to take your picture?" And most blessed is that it's not a selfie.

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. How about a camera on a tripod with a shutter timer? They look like they're from a fairly modern technology era. Or maybe a spare child entrusted with the box camera?
    And you've made quite a recovery if your kinetics competed in that race!:-)

  2. Hasn't anyone ever asked you to take a picture?

  3. The kinetic race looks really nice I hope you had a lot of fun. These four picnickers seem to be a mix timewise - one with jacket and tie, the other with a coat. If there was a fifth, It is not clear where they sat,unless it was on the newspappers on the right!