On a SUMMER DAY…A Picnic Outside Grandma's Trailer Might Be Nice

Yesterday, Labor Day, I held my annual BBQ for family and friends. It takes days to prepare the yard and the food. In the end it's always good fun. Today I've spent recovering.

I imagine these two boys were visiting the trailer their grandparents lived in. Were grandma and grandpa just visiting, soon to again hit the open two lane road? Or had they taken the wheels off and planted themselves in this location? I know that awning had to be a challenge to get up and down and you wouldn't want to do it night after night.

Can you guess where the photographer sat?

Click on image to see it larger.

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  1. Maybe the trailer is semi-permanent, parked at a state park or private campground for the summer until gram&gramps head back to St. Pete. That awning seems over-engineered for just shade. Protection from hail? Could they be somewhere in Oklahoma?

    1. That could be. The first place I ever saw trailers parked in commercial campgrounds was on the east coast. I thought it very odd, but then I realized it made sense as a weekend retreat.

      I do wonder if that "awning" actually goes completely over the trailer. Perhaps a structure to help save the roof from weather damage as it sits in one place. But I have no idea where it might be. Nothing written on the back of the snapshot.

  2. So of the contraptions they have on mobile homes and RVs are really quite slick nowadays. I bet this roof only took a couple minutes to put in place!

    1. All manual labor I'm sure. Today everything seems to be push button. People probably complain about how long it takes and how their finger gets tired.