On a SUMMER DAY…It Might Be Nice to Eat Watermelon Standing Up

Stop mowing the lawn and eat some cool refreshing sweet watermelon. The grass will still be there when you're done and it won't have grown much. Take the time to enjoy a few moments with family and friends. Sometimes work can wait.

Click on image to see it larger.

You can see in this shot that we have two seed pickers on the left. The other three either don't care about the seeds and simply swallow them or are faster pickers.

Of course, here in California my lawn is a thing of the past. It is dead and parched. Some of it will grow back if we get rain this winter, but if not it's not something I'm going to need to mow. So it's full on watermelon time!

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  1. You forgot the spitters! I think the reason they are standing outside is for practicing their spitting. Extra points for distance and accuracy.

    1. Yes! How could I forget the spitters? Perhaps I've been eating too many seedless watermelons the past few years.

  2. Hmm... I think I mostly eat 'em.

    1. I hear ya. Still warm enough to want to eat one right now. I'll satisfy my craving with the honeydew in the fridge.