MADRID in February 1956

I've never been to Madrid. I've never been to Spain. Sadly I probably never will. I can dream.

We'll now go on a trip to Madrid with Betty Schnabel through slides taken in February 1956 by either Betty or her father, Donald.

If you recognize anything drop me a comment so I can add an update.

And now onto the Tattered and Lost European Tour.

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UPDATE: I knew someone would come through and tell me where and what this is. Thank you Mike of TempoSenzaTempo.

This is the Cibeles Palace.
The most prominent of the buildings at the Plaza de Cibeles is the Cibeles Palace (formerly named Palace of Communication). The cathedral-like landmark was built in 1909 by Antonio Palacios as the headquarters of the postal service. This impressive building was home to the Postal and Telegraphic Museum until 2007 when the landmark building became the Madrid City Hall (Ayuntamiento de Madrid). (Source: Wikipedia)
Seriously, who builds a post office like this? What type of mail were they processing? Spanish gold from a sunken treasure? That is one grand post office! Boggles the mind.

More of Madrid tomorrow.


  1. It is the Cibeles Palace (Palacio de Cibeles), formerly known as The Palace of Communication (Spanish: Palacio de Comunicaciones).

    According to the Spanish Wikipedia entry it used to be the center of the Spanish postal and telegraph service.

    1. Thank you! I knew someone would send me in the right direction. I don't want to be lost in Madrid.