How many children did this woman have? THIRTEEN...


  1. Breakfast was Guthrie's favorite meal of the day. If he was up early and got to the table first he got first choice. Otherwise it could be slim pickings.

  2. I have been following the destruction (is that what you call it?) of this photograph with great interest and can hardly wait for the unveiling of the complete photograph.

    I have two great-grandmothers who had 15 children each. In one case, all but six died before adulthood. In the other, all but 2 survived to adulthood. I don't know how many children this lady had but I'm impressed that so many survived to the ages shown.

    Watching and waiting with interest....

    1. I too am surprised at how many survived. Which makes me wonder how many she lost. Could it be she was so lucky as to not loose any? That seems almost impossible.

      Only a few more to go and then the whole family with the pappy. You'll enjoy seeing how many look more like the dad.