Buckaroos and Buckarettes - HERO OR SIDEKICK?

If you were a buckaroo or buckarette as a kid were you the hero or the sidekick? In other words, were you Roy Rogers or Gabby Hayes? I think most of us probably were a bit of both, depending on the game at hand.

One of my favorite sidekicks was Jack Elam in Support Your Local Sheriff. It was a farce, but it makes me laugh every time I watch it.

The photo below is also from Tattered and Lost: Buckaroos and Buckarettes. I think of this little fella as a perfect sidekick.


  1. He's a perfect match for the boy Andy in Pixar's Toy Story!
    Is he standing outside the door to a house trailer?

    1. You're right! He is!

      I too wondered if he's standing outside a trailer. Certainly looks like it.

  2. Your collection of cowboy/girl outfits is bordering on vast!

  3. I tried to capture a lot of different aspects to being a buckaroo and buckarette.