BABY TAKES WING...it's a category

I tell you, it's a category. Images of babies about to take flight. Rarely captured on film. So far I've only found them with their little engines revving. Tops on my bucket list: Baby in full flight. A simple dream I know, but let's see how many years it takes to find one.

I am a little concerned with the landing gear. The eventual landing might prove to be very bumpy since one gear seems to be facing the wrong direction during takeoff. Let's hope there was a good ground crew standing by.

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  1. Oh my... you want a "someone dropped the baby!" photo!

    Hey, it has been done (the dropping I mean) so someone, somewhere likely has one capture as a Kodak Moment.

    1. No, not falling or being dropped. These are the exceptional babies who fly. Few I'm sure. So it must be a baby in full flight, not coming in for a hard landing.

  2. I think I know what you mean. This one would be called a Putto if he was floating on the ceiling of some Italian fresco. Two or more are called Putti. They often have wings. Kind of like Cherubs but less denominational.