The LOST "ART" of the Double Exposure

It's sad to think that the surprise and mystery of double exposures will now be a thing of the past. No more surprises when you take your photos to the drug store for prints; you'll have already seen what you're going to get long before you have prints in hand. And henceforth, images that look like double exposures will simply be someone with Photoshop, or one of it's lesser imitators, using layers. Happenstance won't happen anymore.

I guess this is progress, though I will miss seeing the creations made when errors are in control.

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One of my favorites in my collection is of a group having a picnic. The double exposure is of the same folks standing on steps which overlays the picnic shot. You can see it in the slideshow to the left in the book Telling Stories.

Have some double exposures you'd like to share or links to images? Let me know and I'll include them in this post. It's a category!

Here are a couple links to images I've posted in the past:

DOUBLE EXPOSURE Rosa and Rodrique

Here's a grouping at another site:
House of Mirth

From Nancy at Nancy's Family History Blog

From Jim at DullToolDimBulb.


  1. Double exposures were a mixed blessing, I suppose. If it was the ONE shot you really wanted and had perfectly arranged and it came out with two images, it could have been a huge disappointment. Or, on the other hand, you could look at it as two memories in one.

    Thanks, I'd love to have my link included in your list. It's a double exposure of my father. The link is http://nancysfamilyhistoryblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/twins-run-in-family.html.

    1. I remember this shot from a Sepia Saturday. It was wonderful. Thanks for sending the link.

  2. I had forgotten about double exposed prints. I really like the one with the city and the boat.

    1. Larry, If you come up with any you'd like to share just send me a link.