The UGLY WATCH* continued

As if finding one photo with an ugly watch wasn't enough, the other day I was scanning some photos that belonged to my grandmother and found this. More ugly watch.

These women were either friends of my grandmother in Scotland or maybe relatives; I have no idea, but I know this ugly watch did not get passed down through the family.

Still hoping someday someone steps forward and says, "Oh you naive fool! That's a Fabergé watch! It's worth millions! You obviously know nothing about the finer things in life!"

And I'm hoping they use a lot of exclamation marks.

* It's a category.


  1. It sort of reminds me of being from the same designer who created face masks doesn't it? I enjoyed your story, and your family photo treasure! Thanks!

  2. Anonymous11/08/2011

    As I'm sure you surmised, the photos you've posted show early wristwatches, known around the turn of the last century as 'wristlets'.

    They were very popular with women and in many cases not far removed, if at all, from pocket watches.

    On the whole, men did not begin to use them until the First World War.