And now the final piece of the puzzle.

Even when seen as a whole this photo still seems disjointed.

Three groups of people and yet the only ones interacting are the woman with the camera and the young man in what appears to be a uniform and a man in street clothes. But what brought about this grouping? There are no written clues on the back. Perhaps someone will see this and provide me with some guesses.


  1. We have an interaction between the female with her box Brownie and the two black sitters. Are they Father & Son, Brothers or just workmates, and what do they do to merit the photographers' interest? All the other seem to be studiously avoiding watching what is happening. The old man with crutches gazes to the left, the younger man with coat, stares in the same direction or at the old man. Is he is a bodyguard, man servant, nurse? The others, close to the woman stare right - almost as if they are guarding her from disturbance.

    And, whilst all that goes on, off-screen we have the photographer who took the image. His focus is on the central action. This suggest that the woman may be the VIP, but who what and where.

    My guess is pre-WW1 and America, but why would a couple of blacks be of interest to the white women and, maybe, the other photographer? They don't appear concerned and are not constrained so it must be something positive they've done to warrant the interest.

  2. Because of the history of race in this country, the photo initially made me uncomfortable because I felt she was taking the photo the same way people take photos of Native Americans, as if the fellows are something out of the photographer's realm. And yet she is the only person acknowledging them, interacting. It's just odd.

  3. This is so interesting. My gut tells me it has something to do with Buffalo soldiers.

  4. When I see these segments of the image as well as the original, I see a group of visitors to a fortress or bunker war long after the cessation of hostilities.

  5. Very odd.

    So someone is taking a picture of someone taking a picture.

    The subjects do seem to be in uniform but which? There were very few consumer box cameras in Civil War times.

    If it is a walking sightseeing tour, the man with crutches seems out of place.

    It seems more like a between scenes moment on a movie set. Actors at rest.