When perusing a box full of photos at the antique store I’m often fascinated by the people who stop to see what I’m doing. Some make jokes about buying photos of people they don’t know; others take a few moments to silently sort through a handful, unable to understand the fascination. I of course am sorting like a crazed black jack dealer. One pile of a definite NO. A pile of YES. And then there’s the pile of CAN’T MAKE UP MY MIND. By the time I’ve finished I have narrowed it down to a pile of MUST HAVE. A lot of times that final pile is determined by how much money I have. Indeed, yesterday I left a few that I wish I’d bought; perhaps they’ll still be there the next time I go back.

Sorting has a lot of variables. What am I looking for? Oh sure, of course there are my categories and I’m happy to say I found another cake cutting shot. But what else causes me to pause and decide if something is worthy of a new home? I found yesterday that most of what I bought just made me laugh. There was something a little off about the shots. And then there was a shot bought for simply historical purposes. There’s a story to it, but I have no idea what it is. I’ll break it down into a few posts or as I like to call it, deconstructing a photo.

In the first part we have a woman with a Kodak Brownie camera. You'll eventually see what she was looking at. I so wish I had a copy of the shot she took.

I can happily say that I also found some more Ernie photos. They were bought simply because they were Ernie or showed more about Ernie’s life.

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