BEACH PARTY with watermelon

From the Big Bag of Negs I give you Beach Party!

Click on image to see it larger.

Some negs should never see the light of day, let alone a flatbed scanner. Others just make me smile as the image appears on the screen. I have to wonder how many prints of this one exist. I own the negative. It is in the aforementioned Big Bag of Negs which continues to have losers and winners. This one is a complete winner! And may I say the fourth in my collection of people eating watermelon. Yes, I have 4 photos of people eating watermelon, one involved a pig. If you've followed this blog you'll remember the handsome pig. Then I have two other shots of watermelon eaters that have not been shown. Who knows what sort of watermelon eaters lurk within the Big Bag of Negs! It's a category. I must collect them.

I'd say this one is from the early to mid-50s. I know my mother had a purse exactly like the one in the foreground on the beach. It was white woven fabric with a pull cinch top. I wish I still had it.

As to the shadow in the lower left corner...isn't it a little strange? A clown with a big nose and a funny hat? A one eared fellow with a tiny sailor hat?

And as to the standing fella...well maybe I just remember too many Annette and Frankie Beach Party movies, but I keep waiting for that guy to dance. Shake his butt and do the frug. If you have to ask what the frug is you're already too young. Keep moving', nothin' to see here.


  1. That shadow looks like the fella from Sesame Street, in profile. Bert.

  2. I could never do the frug. I couldn’t get past laughing at the name.

    Love the page. I get such good ideas. Now I have to review the files to see if I have any pictures involving watermelon

  3. Poodle cut, 50's for sure.
    My word verification is "unchic"!

  4. Linda, you're right! It does look like Bert. I guess that confirms the beach is on Sesame Street!

    AnyJazz, you know, the more esoteric the collection the better. Oh sure it's easy to just throw them all in a box and say 'voila, collection" but it's just enough to make people think I'm crazy when I tell them I am now going to collect photos of people in eating watermelon. Keeps people at a distance.

    Maureen, "unchic"? That is too perfect!

  5. I only have one watermelon photo..and I know some of the people in the old photo, it is also from the fifties. This must have been taken in California or someplace..no one has a farmers tan..and how cool to have a strapless swimsuit or be brave enough to tuck in your straps..
    The Frug..yes..he might have been doing that dance:)

  6. I believe it was most likely taken at one of the lakes in Lake County, in Northern California.

    Good catch. No farmer tan lines. Most likely city folks at one of the lake resorts.

  7. I think that shadow, from lower left to upper right, is a foot, heel-arch-ball-toes.

  8. Ohhhhhhkay. I'm sort of seeing the foot but I can't get Bert out of my mind and I keep thinking Ernie must be in there somewhere.

  9. Great photo, and I love the bathing suits. Mostly what I focused on though was WATERMELON. Must get some now.

  10. I was just reading another blog last week about the evolution of bathing suits. It could probably identify exactly when this photo was taken. Now if I can just remember the site....!!!

  11. I did find it!

    Warning, there is a topless bathing suit photo of a woman for those who plan on reading at work or around tween boys.

    Oh, and it appears to be the 1950s. :-)

  12. Thanks for the link! Fun and useful site.