The SERIOUS FAMILIES little dancer

If you've been visiting this place the past few years you will be aware of the Serious Family consisting of a mother and three children. To see the other posts click on the word "serious" in the labels below.

Here I give you the lovely little daughter in some sort of costume. I'm guessing it was for a dance recital, but I'm open to other suggestions.

It was nice finding one of the children again.

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. Nice to see her (almost) smiling too!

  2. Too cute! What do you call the hat/bow? Looks vaguely Dutch, with a handmade folk dress too, I think.

    1. Bonnet? Definitely not Amish. Maybe a Christening Bonnet - but she seems a tad old for that?

    2. I think it's for a school play. I can imagine a whole group of them lined up dressed like this. Whatever it was someone thought it special enough to take her to a portrait photographer. Sure wish I knew the little girls name.