A Night at the STORK CLUB, 1951

This is part one of two photos from one night at the Stork Club in 1951. A gathering at one table with a fascinating bit of info written on the back of part two.

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The Stork Club was a nightclub in Manhattan, New York City, which during its existence from 1929 to 1965 was one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. A symbol of café society, the wealthy elite, including movie stars, celebrities, showgirls, and aristocrats all mixed in the VIP Cub Room of the club.
The club was established on West 58th Street in 1929 by Sherman Billingsley, a former bootlegger from Enid, Oklahoma. After an incident when Billingsley was kidnapped and held for ransom by Mad Dog Coll, a rival of his mobster partners, he became the sole owner of the Stork Club. The club remained at its original location until it was raided by Prohibition agents in 1931. After the raid, it moved to East 51st Street. From 1934 until its closure in 1965, it was located at 3 East 53rd Street, just east of Fifth Avenue, when it became world-renowned with its celebrity clientele and luxury. Billingsley was known for his lavish gifts, which brought a steady stream of celebrities to the club and also insured that those interested in the famous would have a reason to visit. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)


  1. If I read the names correctly, it says Maurice and Mrs. McCarthy.

    Sounds like an odd way to label people! Looks like they might have had some fun - until they argued over the who paid the check!

    1. I look back on old photos of the time period and it's so common that a woman's name isn't given as anything more than her married name. I often find my mother as Mrs. with my father's full name. Annoys the heck out of me. But there is someone else at the table who receives the most attention.

  2. Love the lady's hat.