CLASS A trailer

Ever been inside one of those Class A motorhomes that sells for around a half-million dollars? Mind blowing. Some of them look like Vegas on wheels. But some of them are stunning. I was in one years ago that was so beautiful all I could do was stand in the middle of the room and drool. Incredible cherry stained cabinets with no sharp edges, a bit of stained glass, luxury all around. You almost felt like you were aboard a classic and beautiful cruise ship from the first part of the 20th century. Unfortunately the company that made this beauty went out of business during the recession. I have never seen another rig to compare to it. But do the people in those expensive rigs have more fun than the family below?

Click on image to see it larger.

On the back it says:

Inez & Vergil & her little boy with me. A flash taken inside our trailer.

So I guess the song "Over the River and Through the Woods" should be changed from "to grandmother's house we go" to "and here come grandmother's house to us."


  1. The photos on the wall add a nice homey touch. I bet there are doilies on the seat backs.

  2. Do you know what was the brand name of the trailer?

  3. I've got nothing. I only have this interior shot. It could just as easily be a homemade trailer.

  4. Looking more closely at the things on the shelves, I spot a box camera on the right shelf and a gold fish bowl on the other end. In between are photos of gram&gramps I think. On the table is what looks like a photo album. And is that a corsage that gram is wearing? I think this photo was taken on their wedding anniversary.

  5. I've not been in many, but this sure looks like a vintage Bowlus trailer to me! They were made in the 1930s and became Airstream (Bryam) later.

    1. That's very cool information. I'll add Bowlus and Airstream to the labels. Maybe someone will come along and give us more information.