Of course it's not a taxi, but what if it was? Or could it be what a long haul trucker looked like in Spain in February 1956? Nah, I don't think so. But I do think he might be hauling a barrel of wine. And could that be a hose that allows him to tap the barrel while on the road? Now that I'd like to see.

Click on image to see it larger.

This is from the Betty Schnabel estate collection. More countries to come, but next we'll have some photos of Betty.


  1. I think it might be an oil delivery wagon. Either cooking or heating. But it could be an episode from Don Quixote, in which case it is a Saracen warrior on a chariot.

    1. Ohhhh, an olive oil delivery man? I like that.

  2. I suspect this is a wine cask - but I like the sound of olive oil in a barrel. :)