Betty quietly reading. Is there any other way to read than quietly? If you're reading out loud, it's usually quietly. 

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Reading, to me, is one of the great joys in life. To be transported to another place simply by opening a book. To learn something new by reading words on a page. These days so much reading is being done by using technology. Not in itself a bad thing, but too much reading with the aid of technology, for me, is unfulfilling. The technology allows too many distractions. Yes, you can be distracted when reading a book, newspaper, and magazine, but technology almost encourages distraction. If the author loses your attention for a moment in an e-book it's far too easy to simply click and check email or today's headlines.

Betty looks to have settled in for a long read. She has her tissues, her cigarettes, and several items on her lap to peruse. Let's hope the only distraction was her father taking her photo and perhaps someone offering her a cup of tea.


  1. I wondered if it was dad behind the camera. That might explain her deliberate avoidance of the lens. At least that was my tactic with a photographer father. Her reading material looks like a magazine. "Stitchery Monthly" maybe?

    1. She also loved guns. Was a member of the NRA and taught gun classes. So "Guns and Ammo"?

    2. Of course, she's probably packing heat under that blanket too.