The CAT IN THE CHAIR says...

I always look at snapshots like this and imagine what the cat was thinking. Something along the lines of, “I’ll do it when they’re sleeping. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll make my move when they’re most vulnerable. That’ll teach them to put me in some stinkin’ baby chair!”

No information about this kitty. Perhaps if we knew the name we could check the police blotters from long ago under:

At midnight on June 24th a disturbance was heard coming from the house at 22 Picketfence Lane. Neighbor, Frances McNutty, called the police at 12:04 concerned for the safety of her neighbors. Upon entering, the police found the owners of the house unconscious with blood loss due to severe scratches over their entire bodies and a house in disarray. The bodies were found in the bedroom. The only other occupant in the house was their cat Benny asleep in a basket of laundry.
Originally no suspects were found until a roll of film was developed exposing motive for the attack.
The cat was taken away in tiny handcuffs; a look of contentment on its face.
Neighbor Frances MuNutty was heard to say, "I'm stunned. Benny was always such a good pussy cat. He never pooped in my bushes."
Benny is now serving his time at a farm in upstate New York where he has a mice quota to fill each day. 

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