It’s been a few months since I posted vintage snapshots of pets. I posted mostly images of dogs, a rabbit, and goat, but only a single cat photo. I will now rectify that.

I give you Muffy.

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Pet owners can go to extremes expressing their adoration for their pets. I love my pets, but I know that putting their food on a china plate with a sprig of parsley just makes me look like a fool. And the peas and carrot chunks in my dogs food are pointless. He just as happily consumes turkey shit, but I don’t think they’ll ever do a commercial showing a dog doing a taste test with turkey shit winning, parsley or no parsley.

The most extravagant thing I ever did for one of my pets was to buy a plaid dog collar at Harrod’s in London. I knew it would look great against his black fur. I still have the collar though the plaid is worn off and the dog died over a decade ago. That’s as wild as I ever got.

I never owned a cat until 1990. I’d always had dogs and birds. A cat was just a pet that other people had. I could never really understand the reason to own one. They were let out in the morning, they came back for food, then again went out. That was it. It wasn’t until I met a longhaired black cat named Whiskey that my attitude started to change. I can now happily say since 1990 I have resided in a home that has been the abode of choice to 4 cats; one is on my lap as I write this.

So let’s hear it for Muffy and its owner who decided the cat needed such a fancy abode of their own.

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