I’ve got two books to recommend you might be interested in if you love vernacular photography and ephemera.

The first, Brown Angels, is a book of original poetry coupled with really wonderful photos of African-American children from the early 20th century. I found it in a used bookstore after Christmas. It’s a really sweet and joyous children’s book, but being a collector of vernacular photography I knew I needed to add it to my collection of photo books, not just my children’s book collection.

The second, The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt: A Novel in Pictures, is just plain fun. Author Caroline Preston has taken ephemera from her collection and created a “novel” telling the story of young Frankie Pratt from her teen years to early 20s. Page after page of what appears to be her scrapbook, a story unfolds of young Frankie’s life as she longs to be a writer. Love, college, Paris, and again love provide the storyline. I really can’t say enough about it. Wonderful images throughout and a real treasure trove for artists looking for inspiration.

To see more about either book you can click on the links in the left column to read reviews at Amazon.

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