Men are much more fascinated with cars than women. I believe this is a fact. This isn't to say there aren't women in love with cars and how they work, it's just that generally I believe women look at the styling while men look at the engine. Each valid points of view.

I personally love the look of some cars, mainly old cars. Newer cars all tend to look the same. And if the cars are made in Japan or Korea even the car logos begin to look the same. A silver circle with some icon inside it. Very unimaginative. Take a look at the Honda logo and the Hyundai logo. Seriously. In one the "H" is roman, in the other it's italic.

Recently I saw the Tucker car that was used in the movie. A stunner. Its paint and chrome gleamed. And all I kept thinking when looking in the interior was that "the Dude" sat in it. As close as I'll ever get to Jeff Bridges.

I have no idea what car this is in the photo. I'm betting sooner or later some guy will step forward to tell me. Then again, it might be a very astute woman who will recognize it. For me, it's just a car, a shape, a beautifully shiny shape.

Click on image to see it larger.


  1. I can't tell you what kind of a car it is, but I can tell you that is one cool photograph. I wish I'd have found it.

  2. The photo was actually a birthday gift. How cool is that?

  3. Anyone wishing to see a Tucker, without Jeff Bridges, can visit the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. The Cords in the collection are a lot nicer. And it's free.

  4. To see the one from the movie is also free. It's at Coppola's winery along with costumes from some of his films.

  5. A Super photo! Classic.