Did somebody say GOAT RACES?

If you're racing dogs they use that stupid mechanical rabbit, obviously better than a real rabbit.

So what do they use for goat races? A tin can on a string dragged around in front of them? Actually with the way goats eat I'm guessing you could put just about anything on a string, even just a string, and they'd go after it...if they were in the mood.

Click on image to see it larger.

This image is badly glued into an old album.


  1. Do you suppose this is a pet goat, or just a goat that can't race any more, like the Greyhounds. Or - Ostriches!

  2. I wonder if there's a way to flatten that out, using gentle heat and pressure? Might just ruin it.

  3. Let's hope goats are not treated as badly as race dogs and that they are merely forced to pull carts by owners who are a wee bit clueless. I'm guessing the natural goat nature is not to pull anything. I do adore goats. Fun and crazy animals, most especially the babies.

    And no, the photo can not be repaired. It was damaged in the album when they glued it in and has not weathered time gracefully. It could be "repaired" in Photoshop if I were so inclined.